Saturday, December 21, 2013

Adsense and Quality Content

When I first started using Adsense I read everything that I could find on how to make money with it. I noticed that people, especially on the forums, kept talking about the same subjects:

  • How to use low quality, spun articles on your Adsense site
  • The best way to hire writers for your content
For starters, never use low quality, crappy content on your Adsense sites because they will get banned. Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe not even next month, but they will get banned. Not only will your site get de-indexed but your Adsense account will be suspended or revoked. 

This is terrible because not only do you lose the website (more or less) but you also lose the revenue for any site that's attached to that Adsense account. Only go with high quality content on your Adsense sites. Save the crappy content for your spammy, blackhat endeavors.

I've met a few people who do the opposite if this. They will purchase Adsense accounts for 'churn and burn' spam sites that they make some good money for a couple of months and get the payout before the account is banned. These people know exactly what they are doing. It's high stakes with no room for error. If you are starting out, you need a lot of room for error so this tactic won't work. So again, stick to quality content.

Also, feel free to search for a high quality content writer (or team) on sites like or I've had some good luck with this content (to be fair I've also had some bad, but you need check peer reviews and take a chance). Just make sure that before you start contracting out the work that you know how to do it yourself. This way you'll know what results you are looking for and what you need to succeed.

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